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To see interviews and listen to podcasts I've participated in, please see below:

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Godless Profile

Godless is a site dedicated to the celebration of indie horror. Created in 2000 by Drew Steak, hundreds of titles are available for purchase with more added every day.

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Eerie River Interview: pride month 2022

Eerie River are an inclusive Canadian horror publisher. During Pride month 2022, I was lucky enough to participate in an interview. 

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Between the Lines - Voice of Pride.jpeg

Between the Lines: Pride Month panel

Mark Justice hosts a video podcast, Between the Lines, where he interviews authors of various genres. I was honoured to participate in a panel for Pride month 2022, where we discussed the importance of queer authors and queer stories. 


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Slashic Horror: Podcast

Hosted by author and friend Leeroy Cross James, this UK-based podcast tackles casual discussions and debates about all things horror. Join us in this episode where we talk about the Alien franchise.  


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Between the Lines - Interview.jpeg

Between the Lines: Interview

Joined by the enigmatic Mark Justice once more, we talk about writing from what inspires me to what terrifies me. 

Mark is also an author of cozy mysteries and extreme horror. Look him up!

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