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Chainsaw Editing

Chainsaw Editing offers a range of book editorial services, specialising in horror. I welcome any genre, though preference manuscripts with a focus on LGBTQI+ themes/characters. Also offered are conscious and inclusive edits, which ensure your manuscript is free from unintentional and problematic biases.

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Services and Price Lists

Developmental Editing Looks at the ‘big picture’ of your manuscript, including plot, character, pov, writing style, dialogue, length, readership, use of research. ​ Price list: Short Stories up to 10k words — US$50 | AU$75 Up to 50k words — US$300 | AU$450 51k-69k words — US$400 | AU$600 70k-100k words — US$500 | AU$750 Above 101k words, please inquire

Line and Copy Editing Chainsaw Editing ensures your manuscript is free from errors. I combine line and copy editing to check for inconsistencies with formatting, style, language, tone, and structure. Includes proofread. Price list: Short stories up to 10k — US$45 | AU$65 Up to 50k words — US$250 | AU$380 51k-69k words — US$350 | AU$500 70k-100k words — US$450 | AU$650 Above 101k words, please inquire

Full Package Packaging both developmental and line editing services. Includes proofread. ​ Price list: Short stories up to 10k words — US$85 | AU$120 Up to 50k words — US$450 | AU$650 51k-69k words — US$650 | AU$950 70k-100k words — US$850 | AU$1200 Above 101k words, please inquire

Conscious and Inclusive Edit More than a sensitivity read, I offer conscious and inclusive edits, which operate to enable authors to uncover unconscious bias—we all have these, and it's important to keep learning and growing. Having your editor point these out, and work with you on strategies to overcome these, is critical for the success of any book. A conscious and inclusive edit ensures your work remains free from unintentional and problematic statements around race, sex, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. Pricing is dependent on word count, please enquire via email.

About Chainsaw Editing

I believe the editor-client relationship is built on communication and transparency. As such, clients receive secure access to the working file through OneDrive to engage with the feedback/edits on an ongoing basis. This process has enabled clients to review material faster and complete edits in a timely manner. All edits are performed through Microsoft Word and tailored to the client's variant of English.

As an internationally published author in both fiction and academia, I have worked closely with publishers in a variety of contexts. A graduate of the University of Southern Queensland's Post Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing (2022), I now deliver workshops across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, both privately, and through the Hunter Writers Centre (HWC), focusing on various aspects of editing and publishing. I am also a member of the HWC Board of Directors, and a committee member for the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA). Most recently, I completed work with Sydney-based publisher Spineless Wonders on their 'Slinkies 2022' anthology.

I work with private clients and freelance for Rack and Rune Publishing, as well as Eerie River Publishing, a successful indie horror/fantasy publisher in Canada. My most recent projects have included various soon-to-be-published short stories, an historical romance novel, YA sci-fi and fantasy novels, a YA horror trilogy, and a werewolf horror.


Shelly Campbell, author of Gulf

"David-Jack's edits were to-the-point, helpful and actionable—he gave good examples of how to make changes. There's nothing like feeling someone is in your corner striving to make your story the best version of itself possible. Much appreciated."
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